See like your eyes were free
Who you wanna be
I think that
you’re Miss America
Causing teenager
Tell me what’s on your mind
I’ll tell you what’s on mine
Pick it apart, put it
back together
Better than ever
Talk with your
stupid tongue
Are you scared you
might be someone
You like me cause you like the feeling
I like you for obvious reasons
Baby when you’re with somebody else,
you’re thinking of me.
So I need to know,
do the memories wash away?
I’ll delete your number off my phone
  It will hurt whatever.
I know you hate to
see me doing fine
I still wonder all
the time.
So I’m sitting
next to this
new girl and it
just don’t feel
the same.
Does the
feeling of
touching you,
fucking you,
ever go away?
So I met this girl last night
and she looked like you